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Tarot-An important Study

Tarot is a Language

Tarot is a language composed of symbolic representations.

It is a set of seventy-eight-(78) images which taken togethor depict all the forces that affect human life.

Along with all characters, events, emotions and idea's that provide the material of which human life is composed

The ancients called the Tarot "Ageless Wisdom"

Known as :

The infallible instrument which foretells the furure.

Where to start

My favorite deck to begin with is the Ryder-Waite deck. It is universally used and brings to the student a solid vocabulary used in tarot.

Once you have acquired your deck separate the major arcana from the minor.

There are twenty-two cards with full-sized pictures, each usually bearing a name (The chariiot, Then Hanged Man and so forth) and a number from zero to twenty-two.

this group is the major arcana (which means "greater secrets") and its cards are called "trump, keys or sometimes atouts.

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