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SPRING and Mediumship

With the coming of Spring most Mediums clean their houses, offices and meditation spaces spiritually.

Beyond the usual dusting and mopping we thoroughly clean our spaces agents of with good energy.

1. Place about two (2) tablespoons of salt in every room, closet, kitchen and bathrooms.

be sure to change the salt once a week for four(4) weeks and once a month for the rest of your life.

*any type of salt will work. Salt absorbs negative energy.

2. Seal all of your mirrors. Negative energy can streak through the mirrors in your household.

Stand in front of your mirror--look directly in the mirror and say a simple prayer.. Any prayer will do.

3. Smudge with sage, or frankincense. Go through the house paying close attention to the corners.

Negative energy collects in the corners of the room. Complete the house, room by room. Repeat

with a sweet scent Myrrh, sweet grass, or violet. The sage etc. takes out the negative energy and

the myrrh etc. put back a sweet energy.

Doing these simple procedures will

changes the household energy tones.

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