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Spirit Guides Help to Change your Future

Spirit guides are defined as soul-minds living in the etheric (astral) world. At birth each of us is assighned five (5) guides. They haved either just learned the lessions we have agreed too or they are about to encounter them in their next life.

How can the Spirit Guides Help?

The future is not a given. This is a world of free will.

Look at probable futures for yourself write them down. Ask your spirit guides for help

Go to a guiet , safe location You may use your blinder (blindfold) and move into inner guiet.

Go over your list one item at a time and when you feel that sense of inner rightness .

Explore that possibility.

Trust Yourself

With the Help of the Guides -Change Yourself and You can Change Your Future

Exploring that item the gives you that sense of rightness. List the changes needed that will manifest this new behavior or circumstance.

Practice these changes in thinking every Day..Picture your new behavior and circumstances to strengthen the brain neurons and complete your new destiny.

Most importantly, Ask your Guides to help with this transformation Every Day!

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