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Can the Palm of Your Hand Tell You About Your Career? Words from a Master Palmist.

When you look at the Palm of Your Hand, you can tell so much about your life, your love and your career. As a Master Palmist, I have written a book called Highlights of Palmistry and that should be your "handbook" (excuse the pun) that could help you with direction in your life.

Your Palm tells your story. Your Career Line runs right down the middle of your palm, from top to bottom.

This line may be found on the hand at the moment of birth, clearly indicating the destiny that lies before the individual in the distant future. Another interesting phenomenon is when the career line descends the right or left hand and stops only to jump to a neighboring line, This indicates that the person has completed one line of work and has started a whole new line.

The Career line and all the other lines on the Palm of Your Hand are there for you to understand about so many things that happen in your life.

For a Palm Reading by a Master Palmist Heidi Kent - click here to book your appointment.

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