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Palm Readings Show the Liars from The Truth Tellers!

In Palm Reading the teller of the tale is your thumb!

Who would have thought that a thumb can be such a great story teller and what more, how your hand and your palm reflects your past, present and future?

Did you know that every finger tells a story? The thumb is the digit that shows how long a life you are going to have, it shows how romance is coming your way and it shows whether you are a great communicator or not! The thumb points out whether you regularly tell the truth or whether you are a story teller!

The straighter the thumbs the more truthful the individual. The more curved the thumb back towards the arm, the greater the extent of the lying! The next time you are watching television and your favorite politician, when they are waving their hands back and forth, you can quickly measure their integrity, just by looking at their thumb!

The Palm of Your Hand

The Palm of your hand changes whether you are left handed or right handed. Each line in your palm has a meaning and if you would like to explore your palms, we would love you to come in and have a reading.

At a palm reading we will discuss

  • your career

  • your health

  • your intuitive abilities and

  • your family DNA

Each palm reading takes about a half an hour and costs $100

Call Heidi Kent 423-300-8618 now or email for your palm reading appointment and lets review your life history!

Our Center, the Kent Cook Institute at The Nook is located at

400 N Harbor Place Drive,

Suite C

Davidson NC.

Photo: Copyright to stylephotographs / 123RF Stock Photo

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