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Mediums Should We Consult Them?

Work with an expert to develop your psychic abilities. because using improper techniques can create problems in your energy field. All the following can make you more susceptible to tears and holes in your etheric energy field.

Using drugs and alcohol

Opening to trance too soon and without proper training

Lack of concentrated, prolonged effort

The inability to control your energies

Lack of knowledge

Not taking care of all aspects of your health

Lack of exercise and fresh air

Poor diet

Negative habits

Continued stress, upheavals, worries, and emotional/ mental traumas

Once the energy field is injured, it is difficult to stop outside energies from influencing you. Fortunately, a damaged field may be corrected, though it requires closing down and shutting off all occult or metaphysical activities for a prolonged period.

-----------Ted Andrews

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