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Holloween Hurray!!

Are you thinking that Here we are at the end of October and fracing October 31 the Big day.

Between today (October 20th and next month November 20) the veils between the worlds are extremely thin. Until the 31st the veils are thinning on November the 1st the veils begin to thicken again.

How does this thinning process affect you?

Well !! This is the time of year that your relatives, critters and other ghosties are more visible around your housse and place of work.

You may see a full figure

A flash of light

smell an unusual smell ( cigar, perfume, flowers etc,)

hear a loud bang or crash

feel and/or see a shadow

if and when any of these phenomenon appear to you always acknowledge them by simply saying

Hi Good To Hear From You!

Enjoy the Season!!

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