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Are You Experiencing Second Sight? A Psychic Clairvoyant Can Help you.

Second Sight ---The capacity to see remote or future objects or events: Clairvoyance

How often many of us have a "feeling" or a knowing that an event is going to happen. At one time or another each of us has enjoyed a moment of clairvoyance. Sadly our education systems poo-poo the concepts of Second Sight and yet each of us has this capacity in one form or another.

Most Psychics call these abilities Gifts. We might be gifted in Clairvoyance (clear sight) or Clairaudience-(clear hearing) but we are able to work with so many other gifts given to us.

Tap Into Your Own Psychic Abilities:

If you decide that it is time to practice one of your gifts. Here's what to do:

Allow yourself a quiet place, provide a notebook for experiences. Quieten yourself down, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow your thoughts to flow. Do not disregard these random thoughts for as you practice, your spirit guides will direct your thinking. Give yourself at least 20 minutes of practice. When your bell sounds write down any unusual or practical or spiritual thoughts. Doing this regularly will help grow your psychic abilities.

As you look back on your notes over time, you will be surprised as to how many pre-cognitive experiences are listed on your pages.

Heidi is a Certified Psychic Medium with decades worth of experience. If you would like to connect with the other side, please feel free to connect. My gift is your pathway to the "other world."

Sending your love and light.

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