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A Medium Chat About Your Jewelry

Did you know? According to famous scientist and Nobel prize winner, Marcel Vogel ((1917-1991 ) "THE JEWELRY WE WEAR COLLECT VIBRATIONS and should be cleaned at least once a week. This includes every bit of metal and stone articles you wear on your body.

When we speak about vibration (electromagnetic wave) it is a force that attaches to metals with your emotional states. Therefore during a week, you may be happy and sad, you may be physically sick and/or energetic, etc.. These occasions stick to your jewelry and may affect your emotional states throughout your week.

What to do? What to do? As the picture shows simply place the article in the middle of your palm--cover with other hand and briskly shake your hands three (3) times. This will replace any energy with your own current state and you will be clear to continue your day.

As metaphysicians, it is important to keep our business, home, and body clean of all vibrations (both positive and negative) in order to function at our highest abilities.

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