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Many Mediums work with the PRAYER FOR THANKS

Thank you for the times you helped me,supported me, rescured me encouraged me, cured me, guarded pver me amd made me happy.

Thank You for always being with me.

Thank you for giving me the strength to do good deeds. Thank you for all the times you helped me.

Thank you for all the loving kindnessses You do for me each and every moment.

Thank you for every breath I breath.

Thank you for all the things I do have and thank you, even for the things I don't have.

Thank you for my periodic difficulities. my occasional setbacks, and the times when I don"t feel happy, because everything is for my ultimate benefit, even if I don't see that it's always for my best...

Thank you for the periodic times that are difficult for me. for only they enable me to fully appreciate the good times, for only after being in darkness one can appreciate the light.

Thank you for the wonderful life you have given me. Thank you for every little thing that I have,

Thank you for always listening to my prayers.

Whoever recites this prayer --Turns severe judgments into mercy And merits outright miracles

Say this prayer at least once a day. Prayer is very powerful. Give it some time.

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