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Mediums Practice Spirit Writing

There are three phases of spirit writing,---inspirational, automatic and independent.

Inspirational writing is a mental phase of mediumship and the words written come through the mind of the instrument. They are inspired by spirit people.The value lies in the ability of the human instument to express the thoughts received inspirationally.

Many times the spirit teacher (guide) is able to dictate word for word and at other times they just give a thoought and the writer must work it out in his own way.

Many beautiful poems, lectures, and even entire books have been received through this form of mediumship and its true value can hardly be estimated when it comes to the knowledge acquired from the spirit people regarding our philosophy.

Automatic writing is a physical phase of mediumship as the thoughts and messages thus obtained do not come through the mind of the instument. The human hand is controlled by ectoplastic force and the mind of the spirit directs it.

Independent writing is also a physical phase of mediumship. The thoughts do not come through the mentallity of the medium nor is the human hand used in this demonstration. The evidence received in their hand writing is immensely valuable.

Give this gift a try. Take a wirting pad and a good pen. Sit in a confortable space. Close your eyes and ask your guides for help. Take a deep breath and go!

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