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A Medium speaks about Spirit Guides

We have learned through spirit communication that each individual on earth is guided by someone in the spirit world, even though he may not be conscious of the fact. Many go through life receiving spirit help, but are absolutely unconscious of that guidance. Various names were applied to the spirits helpers, such as; doctors, guardian angels, teachers, etc., etc., Regardless of the title given to them, they are all spirit helpers. Our spirit helpers come into our lives through the Law of Attraction. Something in our character, ability or aspirations that corresponds with that of the spirit helper, attracts them to us. It is not logical to believe that Socrates would choose as his instument of earth one who knows nothing of philosophy and cannot even speak correctly.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we attract to ourselves spirit people who vibrate on the same mental and spiritual plane as we do. There are many souls in the Heaven world who are preparing themselves to be of service to humanity by coming back to this plane and giving their messages through human souls, but rest assured that they are striving to find instuments who will present their messages in a manner that is in harmony with their own spiritual and mental development.

A person who is not honest or truthful on earth will naturally attract to himself a guide who is not always careful of his statements. A medium who does not use correct English and has not good vocabulary to draw upon in expressing himself, will cause a spirit manifesting through his vibration to make the same errors.

Spirit guidance is not confined to those seeking to develop as public workers , for artists, poets, musicians, doctors and mechanics are assisted by spirit souls who are anxious to be of service and are perhaps working out some earthly error by compensation. We gain our progression as fast as we advance mentally to the plane where we can contact the higher things of life. If we desire to be mediums let us realize that those instruments that are of greatest value to the cause are those that are spiritually conscious.

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