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Meditation is a neccessary practice to strength your intuitive gifts. One practice that we suggest is the practice of mindfulness

To Begin:

When we practice mindfulness, ww are practicing the art of creating space for ourselves--- space to think, space to breathe, space between ourselves and our reactions.

1. Take a seat. Find a place to sit that feels calm and quiet to you.

2. Set a time limit. If you're just beginning, it can help to choose a short time, such as five or 10 minutes.

3. Notice your body. You can sit or kneel however is comfortable for you. Just make sure your stable and in a position, you can stay in for a while.

4. Feel your breath. Follow the sensations of your breath as it goes out and as it goes in.

5. Notice when your mind has wandered. When you get around to noticing this-- in a few seconds, a minute, five minutes-- simply return your attention to the breath.

6. Be kind to your wandering mind. Don't judge yourself or obsess over the content of the thoughts you find yourself lost in. Just come back.

That"s it! That's the practice. You go away, you come back, You try to do it as kindly as possible.

Simple practice every day will help you to control the stress in your life and bring you greater control of your emotional body.

Happy medi's

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