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Mediums use Food

Folks often ask me how to get closer, when meditating, to the higher realms. By higher realms, we are speaking of the planes inhabited by our spirit loved ones, guides and teachers.

Astral plane

Mental plane

Buddhic plane

Spiritual plane

and more

One of the factors that has us grounded (not able to ascend) is that physically we are eating red meat. Red meat provides a solid series of molecules which anchors the body to earth. Another example of a grounding food is beer. Beer is formulated primarily from hops which growns eighteen (18) feet into the earth which also provides a solid grounding locale.

By going on a vegetarian diet for at least three (3) weeks to clean out your body you can have a shift of energy. With focused practice your energentic bodies will have an easier time reaching the upper planes.

focus, focus, focus dismiss all stray thoughts by encircleing them and allowing them to simply release.

let go let God!

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