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Mediums view the common cold

head fog

When your suffering from a common cold have you ever considered why this malady is being visited on you?

And have you ever stopped to consider why you are afflected with various illnesses?

Louise Hay, in her book HEAL YOUR BODY says, "Both the good in our lives and the dis-ease are the results of mental thought patterns which form our experiences."

Consequently, the common cold is a result of " too much going on at once. Mental confusion,, disorder. and/or Small hurts.

The body is asking you to stop. To take a small mini vacation to just rest and regroup.

As a medium, I explain to my clients the reason for many of their maladies including the common cold and often i simply prescribe going home and climbing into bed for 24 hours or more.

So next time you wake up feeling crappy ---take a deep breath and listen to your body.

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