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According to June G. Bletzer in her THE ENCYCLOPEDIC PSYCHIC DICTIONARY the definition of the VEIL is an invisible field of etheric energy-matter that separates the physical senses from the PSYCHIC SENSES, surrounding a human being in the inside of the AURA: a dense and etheric material built into the Chakras that acts as a shield to prevent one from seeing into the astral world all the time; a wall of protection from the etheric plaines.

When the equinox occurs on September 21, The sun crosses the equator and day and night everywhere on earth are approximately equal length. On September 21st the first day of autumn the veils between the plaines begin too thin. Giving those of us who pay attention a greater ability to see into the astral plane. This period of thinning lasts through October 31 (Halloween) at which time the veils begin to thicken again.

Use this period of time to work with your own guides and teachers. Ask for whatever your goals, hopes and dreams are as this is the time they will manifest most easily. If you notice sounds, streaks of light, or shadows these are your peeps reaching out to you.

Take advantage of this earthly time when the veils are thinnest!

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