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Mediumship Readings bring Courage


The Magician – The Magician is a reminder of your own unique magic. He represents the bridge between Spirit and humanity. The staff is pointing to the sky and the hand to the earth. All four elements are represented: Earth, air, fire and water. We all have abilities and resources or tools to create whatever we desire into our lives. We are powerful, spiritual beings who possess the power of manifestation. The Magician indicates a time to make life choices and changes. Mastering your mind and life are at hand. Ensure that you are on the path you wish to be on, if you are not, change direction now. The Magician is a reminder that your choices are limitless – therefore, do not put limitations and restrictions on yourself. Know that all the power and resources, answers and solutions are within you already. Focus: new beginnings, manifesting desires, love’s urging, house or property, finance and the future. The planet is Mercury. The infinity symbol represents eternity as does the snake belt. The robe colors represent purity, universe and channels of our own power.

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