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Medium Use Palmistry-HOW CAN YOU?

  1. A soft hand often indicates a passive person; usually considered a lazy person

  2. A firm hand is a sign of an energetic, reliable nature

  3. A very thin hand denotes a restless, energetic disposition, but one who is given to worry, fretting, and is generally discontented

  4. The hands that feel listless in your grasp denotes a weak constitution that has only enough energy to live

  5. A cold, clammy hand is a sign of poor health, generally a sensitive and nervous person

  6. Persons who keep his hands closed while talking is distrustful in his nature, has little self-reliance and can seldom be relied on by others

  7. A man who gives a firm grasp of the hand is self-confident, energetic, and generally reliable

While shaking a person’s hand one can also absorb the individual’s energy, sensing the persons electrical output from sad to happy - from intellectual to hysterical.


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