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Mediumship works

Ever asked yourself exactly how does mediumship work?

To open the veils between the worlds a trained medium uses intuition, physic abilities or metaphysical training.  

They attract the family spirits to them through music, symbols  and by calling them by name.

Symbols act as a secret language, for example the symbol for the tree of life usually means a learning Is taking place.  Or the medical symbol (the caduceus) means healing energies are activated.  Another example, is the dragonfly which stands for fairies, who are vigorously working for you.  Such symbols relays to the medium various possibilities depending on the client .

By the way, messages from your medium should be sensitive, compassionate and work to provide comfort.

Another type of symbol is color.  These can be read as vibrations to enhance circumstances surrounding the client.  For example, if a spirit appears in a red blush color we know that the spirit has a great deal of energy.   A green color can be either envy or wealth again depending on the client or circumstances.  Usually the color blue is a color of healing or calming.

Through these examples and others mediums work to communicate with Spirit.

Most importantly, never accept a negative message!!!

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