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Becoming A Medium with COMPASSION!

 MOST MEDIUMS HAVE THE GIFT OF CLAIRVOYANCE (CLEAR SEEING) AND MANY ALSO HAVE THE GIFT OF CLAIRSENTIENCE (CLEAR HEARING) meaning on the inner part of ourselves we see and hear an individuals thoughts and feelings.  Saying that :  Did you know that most of us wait to be invited into your energy field and don`t just eavesdrop. However, when invited in we can usually define those thoughts and feelings.

To relate to someone compassionately is always a challenge.  Really communicating from the mediums heart, the intuitive receivings from the guides and personal wisdom is the challenge.  

With whatever tools the Medium uses from clear clairvoyance, tarot cards, ruins  and all the others answering a persons questions is the top priority .  Bringing Hope is the main purpose of having a psychic reading.  As well as, pointing out all potential possibilities .  

From the individual, we require openess, curiosity, and patience.  Hope to see you soon. 

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