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Time to Leap Forward thru Mediumship

Spring has arrived!! And with it a time for our own renewal.

Most of us have a streak of intuitiveness within our personal strengths. So how do we expand, practice, and reach those innate abilities.

The easiest thing do do is find a teacher or school. Please look at our website Or you can do a personal study on line, reading excellent metaphysical books, listening to your inner voice.

Most of us shift away from believing in our own inner voice. However, how many times have you made a decision based on another person advise only to find that your own opinion was the way to go? No-one knows for you like you. Practice makes perfect. By listening to your own inner voice you become more confident and strong in your own decisions. And so what if you make a few mistakes in the beginning.!! Learn to Trust Yourself.

Practice and use your own qualities of mediumship.

Recommended books:

All of Ted Andrews

Palmistry for Idiots

QAC by Marsha G. Cook available at the Nook.

By the way, when life gets you down the first thing to do is Breath!! Just stop and take three (3) deep breaths in thru the nose and blow out thru the mouth. This creates a space in the brain for a new thought.

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