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A Mediums Guide to working with Health Issues

As a medium working with clients usually as part of a reading we address health issues.

Often, as a client relates their symptoms, mediums classify these issues according to levels of awareness . These levels address particular aspects of health and well-being.


Using these layers: The issues are identified by consciousness

1. The Etheric---Illness, aches, and pains

2. Emotional---Irrational behavior

3. Mental---Rigidity

4. Intuitional---Self-pity

5. Atmic---Power trips; excessive ego

6. Monadic---apologetic,unworthy of life

7. Divine---Doubt existence of the divine

As we wander on this journey called life, we often travel physically (health wise) from one plane to another. In the etheric we may suffer from a cold or the flu. The emotional is self explanatory and yet how often do we indulge in irrational behavior?

Many of us experience rigidity in ourselves and others. Self-pity is almost a national pass time. The atmic consciousness of power trips and ego are certainly experienced in public figures,

and teachers.

Some of us have even experiences people who are apologetic and unworthy of life.

What to do with these assorted symptoms as mediums?

!. We identify them to the client.

2. Focus the attention of the client on the issue

3. Have the client ,out-loud identify the issue

Use forms of prayer and meditation (20 minutes a day) to focus on the issue.

Addressing the issued head-on will diminish the problem.

doube existence of the divine

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