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Working with meditation as a Medium

As a working Spiritual Medium, part of my daily routine is to mediatate. The type of mediatation I practice is a 40 minute period.

During this time, I use several mediatation tools. 1) I have a specific place where I mediate every day. It makes little difference wether you lie flat on your back, sit in lotus position or have a favorite chair. 2). I always set a timer for 40 minutes. 3) I work with a blinder , a blindfold which does not neccessarily block out the light but rather keeps my eyes from blinking open.

Now, I am ready to mediatate. First, I say my prayer

IE: Father/Mother G-d Thank you for this time, I ask for only the highest and best.

IE: I place a circle of divine love and protection around me and my bodies and in this circle I place the white light of peace, the blue light of healing and the red light of energy. And I demand That nothing and no one may enter this a circle that is not for my highest good.

Now, Place your focus on your third eye. There you will see a color, black, dark blue, or purple. Put your attention on. That color. As you focus your monkey mind throws out thoughts. Did I turn off the stove? Is there someone at the front door? Did I pay the light bill? For all errant thoughts Place them in a circle and let them go.

Stay in your color for as long as possible circling all errant thoughts and just letting them go.

When you have achieved this peaceful place, the body and brain are at complete rest. This is the place where you are closest to Source.

Practice, practice, practice meditation is a skill and like any other shill it needs time and energy to achieve this perfect place. Patience is necessary and appreciated.

Continue for 80 days in a row, if you fall off the wagon start over until you have accomplished the entire 80 days.

Call if you need some encouragement.

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