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Strengthening your MEDIUMSHIP

As we begin the year of 2019. Happily, we announce that 2019 is a Golden Year , ( a three year 2019 2+0+1+=3+9=12 1+2=3). By this we mean that all of us on this planet will have a shift towards a creative expression. A year of social interaction and optimism. Of course, as we observe our planets activities. It's difficult for us to imagine that this year of of creative expression and grace will will truly manifest.So let's keep our eyes out and our ears glued and let us see how it works out thru the year to next year of 2020. This is the perfect year to strengthen your mediumship each of you has been gifted to some degree with mediumistic talent. With a little practice and a little confidence You too can become a strong medium. Many people asked me where should we begin? My best advise is the best place to start a personal mediumship program is to begin to work with your own Spirit Guides. There are many books out there on Spirit Guides. One of my favorites is How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides by Ted Andrews. His short and simple book is easy to begin your study and your work with your own spirit guides. However, to learn to work with your guides you don't need Ted Andrews or anyone else for that matter. What you need to do is you need to ask permission of the guides. Ask permission. To work with your spirit guides is as simple as saying out loud," friends. I need help here". For example, You ride into a parking lot, there is not a single space available. So out loud we say. " friends we need us parking space" and a parking space will open up for you. You're starting to get up in the morning and you're fumbling with your toothbrush, your fumbling with your shoes and your fumbling with your cup of coffee proceed to say "friends I need help here". Its as simple as that.

The guides cannot pick up your karma. However, they can smooth the way. By having your guides on-call smoothing the way will make your life 100% easier. Learn to work with your people. Futhermore. You are never alone. From this moment forward, you are part of a team and together working together step-by-step you begin to work on strengthening your mediumship. Every time you ask the guides for help, you go along with what they indicate to your specific answers to your specific questions. You find these answers with synchronicity. For example: you're looking for your car keys and's yell out friends I need help here and with ease there are your car keys on the kitchen counter. Begin to work with your guides step-by-step each time you work with them, each time you call on them, each time you listen to them. You get stronger and stronger in your mediumship. I wish you the happiest 2019, I wish you a year of working with your guides, I wish you ape positive year, creating a life that is filled with the things that you need to manifest. By working with your spirit guides and your spirit people you will step-by-step learn that life can be

smoother and we can manifest anything that we absolutely need. Happy new year

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