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Christmas thru Mediumship

This holiday season needs to be viewed by the viewer as a time of reflection. Surely, you have noticed that so many of the holidays are bunched together during the days of December. Each of these holidays are celebrated by the solstice occurring on December 21st.

Many of us become depressed during this season. Science tells us that the reason for depression at this time of year is because of the lack of strong sunlight ( today there are many remedies for this problem ie. electric lights, essential oils, B-Stress and other such products.)

From the mediums point of view we must view the energies of this period-- lack of light. As The Time of the Dark. Sooo what do we do best in the dark? MEDITATE to bring in the strong Astral energies. It becomes a time of manifesting . It becomes a time of working with your Spirit Guides..Simply by saying (out-loud) Friends I need help here! Will bring those energies to you. It is a time for deeper reflection. AS What and how do you want to build and restructure your life. What and How do you want to restructure your relationships? What and How do you want to re-balance your fiances. This period (season) is the time to participate in your inner work..

If you tell me you have serious difficulties with your inner communication NOW is the time to seek outside help. Take a course, read a spiritual book (for inspiration) , go for a reading, or find that counselor. Breath deeply, take an assessment of your life, and if needed gently move in new directions.

This is the season of quiet!!!

I sincerely wish each of you a happy and joyous Holiday Season.

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