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Mediums working with Past lives

Past lives is only one of the tools that mediums use. The exploration of past lives is important because it explains to us how it is that we have gotten here and why we are leading this life today. Many people use past lives to explore their own personal personalities and quirks. Often times the term that we us, for this experience is reincarnation. Reincarnation means different things to different people. It is a theory, a philosophy, a belief system, and a way of life. It explains many of the unexplained occurrences of life. It provides a rationale for the inequalities and the suffering of life. It gives us insight into our many individual differences. Most importantly reincarnation provides a model for behavior and living based on personal responsibility. The medium helps you explore your past lives from one generation to the next. As oftentimes, we come back in groups with the same individuals time after time. So let's assume in this life that you have a daughter, in another life she may have been your mother or your brother or your sister or your father or your close personal friend. As we explore our past lives over and over we discover that the same individuals are with us time and time again. As you explore your past lives, you can do this many different ways. My favorite method does not give you a detailed account of who you were in a past life. Of course I could say," you were the right-hand person of Genghis Khan. And in that life you had many wives and many children. By just relaying who you were a life it's easy to see that we could come up with any number of circumstances, none of which fit you. However, the method that than I currently use is through the senses to take you back step-by-step to former lives. Here not only are you the comrade of Genghis Khan, but you can feel the horse beneath, you smell the leather, feel the wind in your face and experience the emotion that you are having at that very moment.

Now if you're interested in exploring your past lives by yourself. You can begin to do so at your leisure by asking yourself some very simple question.

1. Are there places that you have always dreamed of visiting?

2. Are there places you would never want to visit?

3. Are there periods of history with which you felt more kinship and which

you enjoyed studying more?

4. Are there any activities you have always especially liked to watch our participate in?

5. Are there areas of the country that you feel negative about?

6. Have you ever had an out of body experience consciously or not? What of a near-death experience? What could these tell you about the possibility of life after death and rebirth?

Knowledge of past lives can assist you in opening to new depths within your own psychological makeup. It can provide greater insight into your present circumstances. As you answer these questions and many more. My suggestion is that you keep a journal, you will find that from time to time as you reread your journal, you will come across the same sort of sensory inputs one after the other. It is using what you learn and experience that brings the recognition of this, and the creative use of it makes up the wonder and magic of life--- past, present, and future

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