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Working with your Spirit Team #2 Becoming A Medium

Previously, i introduced you to the idea that each of us have a Spirit Team or Guides.

Each of us have five (5) guides and teachers that begin to work with us when we are born. Your guides chooses you to work with because of a similarity of goals and purposes. Guides are certain beings who are highly skilled at transmitting energy from their dimension into yours.

Working with your own intuitive energy, the goal is to raise your own vibration to meet the vibrations of your Spirit Guides to transmit information, messages and instructions from the guides to you. obviously, there are different levels of proficiency in this ability.

To begin to practice working with your team. we suggest these simple exercises.

1. Take three (3) yoga breaths--breath in thru the nose out thru the mouth --deep breaths into the belly and again blow out through the mouth.

2.. Say a simple prayer--for example

I place a circle of white light and protection around me and my bodies

And in this circle I place the white light of peace, the blue light of healing, and the pure red

light of energy. And I direct that nothing and no one can enter this circle that is not for my highest good.

(prayer complements of Reverend Phyliss Harrison)

3. Close your eyes and focus on the first thought that comes to mind. As a picture forms some report seeing their guides as color. Some perceive their guides as sounds, others feel their guides as openings in their hearts.

Begin this practice every day and soon you will be able to identify your guides and increase your intuitive abilities.

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