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TAROT -An Esoteric Study

Spiritual Development is an inner growth and attunment to your higher self and the spiritual realms around you. It is on this principal of inner growth that the Tarot is based.

The deck of Tarot cards, can be used as a book of metaphysical teachings. With its symbolic form it is designed to tap into our higher consciousness.


1. USE A RYDER-WAITE DEC K to begin as their symbols and colors are well documented.

2. Spend a day or two getting familiar with the cards only using the Major Arcana. Read the page in the instruction sheet to become familiar with the meanings.

3. Select a spot in the house that you can call your own.

4. Starting with The Fool, meditate on each card every day for a week. Daily meditation can be from 10 to 20 minutes.

What do I mean by meditate? Simply focus on the card eyes open to get the particulars of the card. Then take a deep breath in thru the nose out thru the mouth three (3) times. Close eyes and picture the card in your mind. It is just that simple and of course with practice, card by card you get stronger in your discipline.

May light and love be with you as you begin an Esoteric Tarot Study.

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