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Working With Your Spirit Team

Every human being has a group of spirit people who reside in their inner band on the fourth dimension. When you were born, this group chose you specifically because you have come to learn a lesson that they have just learned or need to learn. There are five guides and teachers with you at all times. This group, whom we will now call your team, is with you not to complete your karma, but to smooth away and help you through life's difficulties. The team cannot work with you unless you request their help.

So, very simply, #1: You may have lost your car keys. #2: You are going to the dentist or doctor for a serious procedure. #3: You are looking for a new job. #4: You need a parking space at the mall. #5: You are nervous about a big exam you have to take. To access your team, you simply ask for their help. "Friends, I need help here!" Be sure to repeat "Friends, I need help here" at least 3 times. In speaking to the universe, you always do it in three's.

For further information about your guides and their capabilities, refer to The Kent-Cook Institute at the Nook. As co-director, the Institute and I are presenting a series of classes to introduce you to each individual spirit guide, where they're located in your energy field, and what their particular purpose is in your life. You will be surprised how life will shift if you call upon your guides regularly.

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