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Are You Psychic?

As a certified medium, I'm often asked the question of, "Do I have psychic abilities?" How can you tell if you're a psychic? What are the signs? What do we look for? There are many signs to being a psychic. One of these signs is physical. In palmistry, in your hand of destiny, on the very edge of your hand going from your knuckle underneath your little finger to the very top of your wrist, there are many X's or crosses. These symbols always indicate that your DNA is filled with intuitive ability.

Another determination of whether you have psychic abilities is if you have the senses of being clairvoyant, (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), and/or clairsentient (clear feeling). These gifts usually develop from the time you're a child throughout your lifetime. If as a child, you claimed, for example, that you saw a ghost and were discouraged by your family or others, you tended to not develop your gift. If, on the other hand, family and teachers encouraged you, or you kept it hidden, you tend to develop that gift. Out of the corner of your eye, today you might see a streak of light, or a sense of being in the room, or hear knocks on the wall, then most likely you have some of the claire gifts.

Another possibility is if you look down at a piece of paper and realize that you have written a sentence or more that actually didn't come from you, that's called automatic writing. So, in exploring all of these possibilities, the most important idea is that with a gift, practice makes perfect. And finding a teacher to help you focus is a very important part of your learning. Please don't dismiss any or all of these gifts.

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