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Why Have your Palm Read?

Palmistry is an old practice know from at least ancient Egyptian times. While there are many different types of cultural palmistry: Indian, European , Asian etc . American palmistry has evolved into a distinctive pattern. The shape of the hand, the size of the fingers and the texture of your skin all tell of attributes of your personality. Clearly we can get a handle of personal strengths and weaknesses as well as traits such as generosity and stinginess.

The palm has three distinctive lines.

The life line which curves around the thumb indicates how long you will live.

The middle line or head line indicates what type of thinker you are and if you are the type of worker who will finish a job.

The third line or heart line will address wether you are a romantic type of person or a practical one.

While looking at are some of the basic ideas of palmistry is interesting, Personally, i became a palmist because i am naturally nosy. Consequently, with a reading or a few classes the world of loved ones and friends becomes open to you. How amazing is the ability to explore an individuals personality. And a palm reading gives you new insights as to why you are here and what you have come to accomplish too.

These possibilities are only a phone call away. 423.300.8618

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