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The definition of a past life is a period of time in which the soul lives in a physical body in another historical period.

Why should you experience a past life regression?

· If an individual dies and is still suppressing feelings of resentment, anger, fear or hate for a person or situation, this will be carried over into other lifetimes.

· There may be a curiosity factor as to who and where yo

You may have existed and what circumstances you encountered.

· The current cast of characters in your life can be explored and what is their significance in your life today.

The type of regression, I practice, brings the individual to the state of feeling the actual memory. You can see, hear and feel the circumstances of this other time while you are still very much aware of what is happening in the present. This gentle method procures solid results.

Often times, the past life experience itself can revisit destructive patterns throughout lifetimes with the potential of releasing them permanently.

These exercises continue to raise your consciousness.

Would you like to experience your own Past Life Regression? Contact Heidi by emailing her at:

Want your to experience your OWN Past Life Regression? Click here to contact Heidi
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