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Free Palmistry Reading at The Nook! Limited Time Offer! Call now to book your appointment. 704.896.3111
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Tarot Reading
60 Mins $150.00
Spiritual Mediumistic Reading
60 min~$150, 30 min~$125, 5~(60 min) sessions ~$600. Heidi helps create miracles in people's lives. Each of Heidi's readings includes Numerology, Tarot & most importantly, Clairvoyance. Speaking directly with your spirit guides & loved ones. The purpose of this reading is to address the facets of your life that your guides are focused on today. Most importantly, to directly & clearly answer your questions on health, relationships, finance & to direct you to whatever course of action needed.
Clearing the Grid
75 min~$150. Release through a simple process ~ anxieties, fears, phobias and sad memories. Unburden Yourself!
30 min~$100. Palmistry is far more than a way of predicting the future; it's a way of understanding the self. Palmistry offers a complete personality profile of an individual, including his or her major life choices, challenges, and opportunities. Heidi, using her gift of psychometry and helps you to understand your genetic makeup in order to strengthen your life choices and change your life.
Past Life Therapy
60 min~$125. When we die & are holding onto resentment or anger toward a person or situation, these negative feelings are carried into future lifetimes. The negativity you hold can show up in this lifetime as painful behavioral patterns or physical illnesses until remembered & released. Through a gentle series of mental exercises, you experience past lives that are significant in your life today. Amazingly, you experience each past life, not as an observer but as an actual participant.
Relationship Coach
30 min~$125. 60 Min $150 $200 - Couples
Whats wrong with your relationship?
Is it fixable?
Relationship remedies to repair and close the deal.
Life & Relationship Coaching
60 min~$125, 30 min~$100. 4~(60 min) sessions~$400. With more than 30 years of education & experience in teaching, guidance & healing, Heidi creates miracles in people's lives through life and relationship coaching. Have Heidi in your corner!
Experience Party ~ Private & Corp
2 hr~$450. Entertain your friends with a touch of mystery, revelation & surprise. Fun & fascinating! Your most pressing questions answered. Access your Inner Wisdom through insight guided by Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, Spirit Guides/Loved Ones & Word Wizardry! Max 8 people & Private Sessions for guests. Each person receives a unique reading. Individual Readings are 15 minutes/person to serve each person in attendance. $150.00 for add hr/reader. Over 20 mi from Davidson add $50. 50% dep is req
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