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Psychic Dating

Spontaneous Kiss

Let your guides and I take you through this personal coaching program to help you find your perfect partner, maintain the relationship and keep the fire.

It is tough enough today to find the right person to date and even once you have met them, how to find their true essence. 

Let your guides and I take you through the the coaching program to find and date your perfect partner.

We will cover 

1. What is holding you back?

2. What does the perfect partner look like?

3. Where to find your perfect mate

4. Choosing the perfect mate

5. How to help the person fall in love with you

6. Falling in love and staying in love

7. How to set parameters and boundaries

8. Closing the "deal"

10 action packed 45 minute coaching sessions  mins  $500.00


or 3 action packed 45 minute mini sessions for $195

Laughing Couple
Getting Married
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These Can Be Done Virtually via Zoom or in person if you live in the Greater Charlotte Area / Lake Norman
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