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Heidi Kent
Psychic and Spiritual Readings and Other Metaphysical Services
Allow Me to Shed Light on Your Life Experience

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I wrote this book "Highlights of Palmistry" as an easy self guide to finding your lifespan, career path and health information, which is all in the palm of your hand.  It is easy to follow, with illustrations and explanations.

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Spiritual Readings


Spiritual Readings give you the answers and guidance you have been searching for. Heidi Elizabeth Kent, a Spiritual Master Palmist, is a Wise Woman whose coaching & extensive readings give practical and do-able guidance and answers when life does not provide them.

Palm Readings

Heidi is a Master Palmist

Not only can she read your palm and talk about the past, she is able to show you about your life path, your future endeavors, your life plan and literally show you how your life is in your hands.

Past Life Regression

Are you struggling to get over a past relationship or stuck in repeat patterns? Do you need to understand why you fear something. Do you have some deja vu moments and want to remember them? Does a dream play over and over in your mind?

Are you stuck in a rut? Let Heidi help you understand and move forward with your life.

As a Certified Psychic Medium living in Charlotte NC, with many years experience in Spiritual Readings and metaphysical teaching, it was clear to me that I had a strong spiritual connection and a gift of wisdom.


As an internationally Certified Psychic Medium, Metaphysical Teacher, Relationship Coach, Numerologist, Certified Life Coach and Master Palmist I can help to create miracles in people's lives.  My gifts include channeling, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. I am empathic. 


During one of my comprehensive Spiritual Readings; I will likely include Numerology, Tarot and most importantly, Clairvoyance.  During the session, I will be speaking directly with your Spirit guides and loved ones bringing to you important messages from them. Every facet of your life is addressed. One of the most important aspects of a reading with me is that I can clearly facilitate answers to your questions in any of your life situations.  Giving you a concrete answer of...What To Do

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